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You Don't Have to Give Away Your House!


That's exactly right! You don't have to give your house away in order to sell it. You can sell your house quickly, get what you want and in most of our options keep most of the real estate agent's commission in your pocket, where it belongs. Once you read and see how simple it is, I am sure you'll agree.



Selling a home by "for sale by owner" is, for most people, a frustrating process. It doesn't have to be, in fact it can be a very profitable and painless endeavor if home sellers were aware of all the options and techniques available to them. Our popular "Flat Fee Listing" Service will expose you to some of the following options that are available.


             Don't pay a 6% Commission - Save Thousands!

  • Flat Fee MLS Listings Texas 
  • Contract Negotiations and Full Representation - review and advise sales contracts
  • Listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Zillow, Realtor.com and over 60 internet sites
  • Free Market Analysis to accurately price your home
  • Flexibility
  • Showing and Feedback from MLS Supra Electronic Lockbox
  • Listing Options
  • Internet Exposure
  • Supra Electronic MLS Lockbox & Crawford Realty yard sign
  • Maximum allowable photos - 40
  • Buyer Leads
  • We do more listings and have more experience negotiating
  • We started the "Flat Fee" Listing Service!


Our associates have been successfully providing no-nonsense, practical business solutions to home sellers, just like you. Believe me, there really are plain and simple solutions to solving your problem that are quick and painless. Together we will create a win-win solution that will let you walk away from the closing table delighted.

Discount Flat Fee Listings


Why should I list my house with you?
There are several advantages to consider:


 1. Saves you a huge amount of money by not having to pay the selling agent   commission 

 2.  Ranked in the top 100 in sales since 1998!

 3.  SOLDS average 98% of list price

 4. The exposure of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) 

 5. You retain the rights to keep marketing your home 

 6. You can cancel your listing at any time 

 7. More people marketing your home 

 8. Contract Negotiations - full representation with contract paperwork and   inspections

 9. Your house is listed on the Internet as well as the MLS 

10. We will provide you with a free market analysis of your home 

11. We are a local company and have been doing discount listings since 1998 long before anyone heard of a discount real estate broker. We know Austin and the surrounding areas.


What is a Flat Fee Listing? 

We list your house on the Realtor’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a "flat fee."

We offer two methods of listing your home.

What options do you offer for listing my home?

We offer two options, our popular $550 "Flat Fee" and our 1%.

What is a The $550 Flat Fee option?

The flat fee option is that you pay  $550.00 up front and then  $1000.00 when your house sells (comes out of closing proceeds). Included with the fee is: Full Representation, MLS listing, market analysis, Realtor electronic lock-box and a Realtor sign, contract negotiations, inspection negotiations, internet exposure, no charges for additional changes to the MLS listing, agent feedback, plus much more.

What is the 1%?

We will list your house on the Multiple Listing Service for 1% commission paid to us (the listing agent), when your house sells. The same services are provided for the 1% as the flat fee.  The only difference is that this fee costs more and is paid at closing.

How can I have the option to sell and market my house while it is listed on the MLS?

I will ask you to sign a listing agreement and an Addendum for Exclusive Agency. The Exclusive Agency means you (the owner) may sell the Property procured through your own efforts.

How do I price my house?

Pricing is everything. We have marketplace knowledge and provide a comparative market analysis. If a property is priced correctly, it will sell. If it doesn't sell, you have helped no one.

What do I owe you if I sell my house myself?

If you picked option 1 you pay only $550.00 up front and $550.00 when the house closes. If you picked option #2 you will pay only 1% commission when the house closes. If you find the buyer you will save the 3% to the Buyer's Agent. On both options you still retain the right to market and sell your own home while it is listed. Regardless which option you pick it is still cheaper than the traditional 6 - 7% Realtor commissions and you retain the right to market and sell your house.

Why do some houses sell and others stay on the market for a long time?

There are three transaction killers 1) pricing 2) lack of marketing and 3) condition of the property. Pricing is everything. If your home is priced to high it won't sell. We provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis to assist you on the best price for your home. Marketing is essential to selling your home and the MLS provides you with the exposure you need. If your home is not in great condition it must be priced accordingly.

Will you try to sell my house while it is listed?

Yes, our aim is to sell your home as well as list it. That way we get the buyers agent's commission. The more people you have selling your home, the better off you are.

How soon after we list our house will it take for it to be on the MLS?

Within two (2) days.

How do I know my house will be listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

Only licensed agents that are members of the Multiple-listing organization are allowed to list your home on the MLS. We are licensed.  We will provide you with a copy of the listing.

How long is my listing good for?

It is good for six months and you have the option to cancel at anytime.

What happens if I get an offer on my house?
Included in the price of the $550.00 flat fee is assistance with contract negotiations, counter offers and help negotiating inspections repairs.  You will want an agent that has good negotiating skills in order to get you the best price possible for your house.  Being awarded in the "Top 100" in gross sales requires good negotiating skills.  The more negotiating we do the better we become. We do more contract negotiations than most 6% realtors. We do this everyday.


Contract Negotiations - Do you charge extra?

No matter how many offers you receive we will help you negotiate them. This is included in our fees for the length of the listing. Although, most discount brokers charge extra for these services and some charge $500 or more per offer, this included in our flat fee.

What Internet exposure will my house have?

All homes listed on the MLS have the same internet exposure.  Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia etc all download from the MLS.

How can you or your program help me?

We know what homeowners go through when they try to sell their homes. You may be in the thinking about it stage. Our job is to provide a workable business solution and follow it through. We also buy houses as well.  In fact, we might be interested in buying your house. We are experienced realtors and broker, that has been doing contract negotiations more than the average agent.


Do you offer other services?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of services and these services are offered even if you don't list your home on the MLS and sell your house yourself.   We can provide assistance with contracts if you find the buyer, open houses and flyers. If your home is vacant we do business with a service that provides "home managers."  If you are a Buyer we can give REBATES  (as long as the sale is over $100,000) of the sales price. These are just a few of the many services offered.


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