Rebate Real Estate in TX 

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Texas New Home Construction and Realtor Rebates

Purchasing a New Construction Home or Rebate Homes in TX

Receive a 2.5% Realtor Rebate for purchasing a newly constructed home in Austin TX and surrounding areas.  Since I am a licensed Real Estate Broker, in the State of Texas, that means I am licensed to practice Real Estate in all cities in the State of Texas, including Austin, Round Rock, Westlake, Lake Travis, Buda, Kyle, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Dripping Springs, Cedar Park, Leander, Bastrop, Manor, Hutto, Wimberly, San Marcos and throughout the State of Texas.

Rebates for New Construction Homes in the State of Texas i.e. Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Westlake, Lake Travis, Buda, Kyle, Georgetown, Dripping Springs, Cedar Park, Leander, Bastrop, Manor, Hutto, Wimberly and San Marcos puts more money in your pocket.

As a Real Estate Broker, a real estate investor and being awarded by the Austin Business Journal as a top producer we take pride in providing a quality service and saving our clients thousands of dollars. Also, having a New Home Sales Agent Certification (NHSAC) allows us to use this knowledge in helping clients with the purchase of their new home construction while giving new home rebates in TX.

It would be foolish not to use us and get the rebate!

Are Rebates Legal? 

Real Estate agents are allowed to give rebates to their clients, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Check out the Department of Justice website 

Meeting with a New Home Builder

Be sure not to sign a contract before you tell them you have a realtor. The new home builder must be notified that we are representing you.

What is the Process?

Contact us for your new home buyer paperwork and we will do a New Home Rebate Agreement with you when you find your property. 

Before you sign any contracts with the builder’s sales associate you must let them know who your realtor is, license number, the name of our company. company license number, phone number and email. This will have to be included in the contract. You can call us and get all of the information that is needed.

You will need to tell the builder and your lender that you are receiving a realtor rebate.  Rebates are no surprise to lenders or builders.  

Once the contract is signed with the builder, you will give a copy to your lender and you must tell the lender you will be receiving a rebate, unless this is a cash transaction (then there is no lender). 

Will the Texas home builder charge me more if I have a real estate agent?

No! The commission is built into the sales price, no matter if there is a real estate agent involved or not, they consider it part of their marketing costs. This is done every day, so don’t worry or think the builder or salesperson will be offended or charge you more for the house because you have an agent. Paying a real estate agent is a lot cheaper than other forms of advertising, which do not always guarantee sales.

How are Commissions paid to the real estate agent?

New home builders usually pay the 3% commission on the sales price of the home. There are some builders that pay commission only on the base price. In other words, if the base price is $300,000 and you add $20,000 in upgrades etc., they will only pay the commission on the $300,000. Some builders only pay 2% or less commission.  You will need to find out.  Our commission will be .5%. If there is a bonus (i.e., 4%) we will split the difference with you.  You will receive 3% and we will receive 1%.

Because we try to save our clients’ money and don’t have the overhead that a lot of Real Estate Companies have, we can afford to give you the biggest portion of our commission...2.5%.

How are rebates paid to the client?

The rebates can be used towards closing costs, discount points to buy the interest down, down payments, one year of HOA dues, price reductions and upgrades or whatever the builder and lender allow.  Rebates must comply with TRID the TILA / RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule. TILA is the Truth in Lending Act and RESPA is the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, Rebates must be disclosed on the closing disclosure as a realtor contribution. 

Are Rebates taxable income?

Real estate commission rebates are not taxable income, but do reduce your home's basis. Rebates are not reportable. A letter ruling by the IRS has issued that real estate refunds by a real estate broker of commissions are not taxable income. The buyer would treat the refund as a reduction in the cost of the property. See PLR 157111-06 ( It is still advisable to consult with a tax attorney or CPA.


If you have questions about Rebate Homes in TX, please call us at 1-512-785-1095.